Hey! Welcome to Cake Topper Warehouse! Thanks for popping by!

Here at Cake Topper Warehouse we aim to bring the fastest, higest quality of completely customised Cake Toppers and Baking Accessories, worldwide!

CTW was the rebirth of a successful Cake Topper Brand "MCT Bakers' that was founded in lockdown from the tiny back garden shed.

Owner Jemma had a thriving local events company as everything had shut down, she needed something to do.

This is when 'Mini Cake Toppers' was born.

MCT grew exponentially within what seemed, overnight. From packing orders on a dining room table, to ending up in a 2000 square foot warehouse.

Fast forward to mid 2022 and a rebrand and freshen up was implemented and Cake Topper Warehouse was born!

Our Founder

Jemma created Cake Topper Warehouse from a passion of problem solving. The baking industry had become overpriced, with a long wait and Jemma wanted to change that.

Keeping the high end quality result and a speedy delivery offer, our 19,000+ customers return for a guaranteed quality product in quick succession.

Jemma is also an ADHD advocate and promotes the benefits of living with this creative condition rather than the currently focussed 'bad bits'.

We welcome all!

No matter your baking skill level, you are welcome at CTW. After our few years of working within the baking industry, we can always advise on the best products to suit your style of baking or ability. Making your cake journey an easier one!