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Cake Care Card

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There are a number of types of Cake Toppers Decorations!

🧡 Toppers - Come with a stick/pick and you can push these directly into the top of any cake!

🧡 Charms - These DO NOT have a stick/pick and generally used by simply pushing them into the front of a cake that has buttercream or edible glue if fondant. (P.S We have Cake Charm Sticks on the store if you want a helping hands!)

🧡 Cupcake Charms/Toppers - Super easy! Just place these on any cupcake or mini cake!

💛 Safety information

If you are ordering a wooden or acrylic item, these are NOT edible.

These are not a toy, can be fragile

Do not use near a lit candle or flame.

They are not dishwasher safe.

Do not submerge in water.

To Clean - simple wipe with warm soapy water.

💜 How to customise

With such a huge variety of options in todays cake world, choice can be overwhelming!

Some of our products can be customised in the following ways -

💜 Font - You can choose a specific font style and try it out on our font generator first!

💜 Colour - Depending on whether you require a Single Layer Item or Double Layer item depicts options.

For single Layers you can choose ONE FINISH for the entire item.

For double layers you can choose a Background Colour AND a Top/Letter Colour.

💜 Sizing - Products are measure overall by width. The height will never be taller than width and vice versa.

Introducing our exclusive Free Cake Care Guide

A must-have resource for bakers and a game-changer for educating your valued customers! This downloadable and printable guide is a comprehensive postcard sized printable with easy-to-follow tips so you can ensure your customers enjoy their cakes at their finest, preserving flavour, texture, and aesthetics.

The Cake Care Guide establishes you as a caring and informed baker, strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty. Print it time and again, and share it with every order, showcasing your commitment to delivering not only exquisite confections but also a superior post-purchase experience. Elevate your baking business today with this indispensable guide that guarantees your creations are savored to perfection!

Cake Care Card - Cake Topper Warehouse