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Our Featured Bakers and Cakes

by Jemma Lee 06 Dec 2022 0 kommentarer

Our website was in need of a little sprucing up!

We love the content that our customers generate for us and we love to share their work!

Here are our currently showcased Bakers on the website.

double layer cake charm

This beautiful masterpiece baked by one of our Brand Ambassadors Cocoa And Crumbs features a Double Layer One Word Cake Charm with a Pastel Palma Background and Hot Pink Top Layer in our favourite Font 7.

cross baptism cake charm name personalised

Second to feature is another Brand Ambassador Latimer Bakes whom has been a long term customer and seen our MANY changes and tweaks throughout our time offering Baking accessories. This simple (and we are sure not easy to create) but elegant cake features A Thin Cross and Cake Charm Pack in White.


personalised cake toppers 

Another absolute beauty from Cocoa And Crumbs featuring a One Word Cake Charm and Age Topper in Gold Mirror and Font 1. Look at those colours!!


neon cake topper

We first saw these and fell in love! They've since been a big hit for our customer Bakes By Asha featuring our One Word Cake Charm and Age Topper in Font 1 and Neon Yellow and Green!


So there is a handful of our customers and their work, we have so many more to share and we will get round to doing that very soon!

Go take a look at their work and give them a social media high five!

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