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Gold and Pastel Pumpkin Cupcake Charms

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Nothing says Halloween like pastel! Gone are the days of gloomy blacks, brighten up your halloween with the rainbow!

A pack of 6 Gold and Pastel pumpkin cupcake toppers to add to your cupcakes, cakes or decorations!

You will receive Raspberry, Pastel Pink, Spearmint, Palma, White and Orange Fizz in each pack.

Size - Each Pumpkin is 5cm wide.

Enjoy these acrylic laser cut pumpkins made with precision and love.



Please double check any personalisation including Capitalisation added to your order. We turnaround orders very quickly and we want to ensure you're getting the correct product you envisioned.



Your product may come with a protective cover. These can be peeled off.

Why don't you peel it before shipping?

Some finishes need the added layer of protection to save it from marking or scuffing.

It's also very satisfying to peel your brand new product!

Some products may already be peeled and set within a fitted place card. We do this for especially fragile items.


Acrylic & Wood Finishes

Mirror Acrylic is single sided and the back of the acrylic is grey or white.

Frosted Acrylic is a semi transparent finish. Frosted finishes do not work well on double layered items as the top colour. We advise you choose an an alternative.

Gloss Acrylic is our most popular finish, some gloss finishes also have a matte side. These can be chosen should you prefer a matte finish.

Special Acrylic is for our top of the range finishes. From glitter to pearlescent these have exclusive and luxury appeal.

Wood finishes are one of the most personalised items with the beautiful natural grains, knots and imperfections. We reduce laser burn as much as possible through our skilled laser cutting technique, however there may be some slight marking or edging on the product. You cannot claim a refund for these imperfections.

Gold and Pastel Pumpkin Cupcake Charms - Cake Topper Warehouse
Gold and Pastel Pumpkin Cupcake Charms - Cake Topper Warehouse